Keeping the Spirit Alive

Take a moment from your busy day to visualize that old brick building on Greenkill Avenue. Those were the days. Raise your nose to the air and remember that distinct essence emanating from the small gymnasium with padded walls at the back of the building. Remember the steam slowly rising from your head on a cool Saturday morning following a three on three basketball game. Remember the smile on your face when you returned to the Club with a couple of bucks in your pocket from a rent a kid job. Remember the friends you made and the caring adult staff that guided you through life’s many challenges.

While the old brick building no longer exists, somehow the essence, not quite as potent, was transferable and remains familiar. What has not changed is the smiling faces searching for something stable, something exciting, something and someone to care about. With the declining morality of society the number of youth served by the Club and the number of youth searching for stability, excitement and someone to care about continues to multiply. For the past 14 years the Alumni Association has assisted Club staff in fundraising and special events and mentored and cared about many youth. The Alumni have purchased equipment, supplied Christmas presents, conducted many field trips and started a scholarship fund. Needless to say the alumni remain committed to insuring that each youth coming through those doors on Greenkill Avenue is afforded the same opportunities that were once available to them.

The primary mission of the Alumni Association is to aid the Boys & Girls Club, monetarily and through volunteering, in their quest to better serve the youth of our community. Furthermore, the Alumni Association will provide members with an avenue to maintain and reunite long time friendships.

It is with this in mind that we ask you to remember the time you spent at the club and the lessons learned that have helped to make you the successful person you are today. Today we call on that wisdom and respectfully ask that you let your heart and your memories lead you to take action now. Consider partnering with us and join the Alumni Association to assist us in making the lives of our members as successful as yours. Your commitment and membership in the Alumni will help us KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE.

Kingston Boys & Girls Club Alumni Association

Criteria for Nomination to Kingston Boys & Girls Club Hall of Fame

  •  Any person twenty-one (21) years or older who was a youth member of the Kingston Boys Club or the Kingston Boys & Girls Club and/or;
  • Has served as a volunteer for the Kingston Boys Club or the Kingston Boys & Girls Club as a member of the Board, or a program volunteer for at least five consecutive years;
  • Has served as a staff member for at least five consecutive years.
  • Is of upright character and is a credit to the Kingston Boys & Girls Club;
  • Has distinguished oneself both within the Kingston Boys & Girls Club and the community;
  • Is nominated by a present Alumni Association member.

The selectees are selected by a committee from the Alumni Association membership. A maximum of 10 inductees can be elected per year. The committee can select posthumous inductees in addition to the ten elected per year.